That's what curly girls are made of.

I'm too shy for youtube, so this is my way of helping teach others the things I've learned about natural hair care. :)

Friday Night. 😘 #NaturalHair #LuvYourMane

And someday, ‘race’ will become a thing of the past. :)

#Lmfao (Taken with Cinemagram)

I like big buns and I cannot lie.

Yay Tank followed me on twitter! :)

Anonymous said: I love your hair! How long did it take for it to get to that length? I ombred my hair so I've had to chop off most of my hair D:.. And so I want to dye over the ends again but.. is there a healthier alternative?

Hi! I’m sorry I haven’t checked my tumblr in a while! But my hair had broken off to shoulder length back in December 2010, which was when I decided to change my ways in order to have growth. :) And when I got my highlights, I went into a salon and my stylist used a hair color product that was heat activated, rather than just a hair bleach. So after she applied it, I sat under a hair dryer for like 30 minutes for it to lighten, and that didn’t seem to be too damaging to my hair! So if dying is what you really want, I recommend that!

I had to make this meme, because we all know its true ! Hahahaa.

From the weekend. :) #SaturdayNights. #Chillin :)

Bill Cosby has always been a badddd bitch ;) Saw this from @thetonymo . Had to repost :)

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